Yikes: Michael Reagan Manages To Trivialize Child Rape


Michael Reagan, who's cashed in being the adopted son of St. Ronald of California for a career as a professional wingnut, is very concerned about the president's executive overreach.

For more than three years Emperor Obama has been behaving as if the separation of powers is a pesky fly to be swatted away whenever it becomes too annoying.

If you don’t like something or want to get something done, you don’t let little things like the Constitution get in your way.

Yeah, Emperor Obama has been totally out of control. Starting wars that never end, torturing people, ripping up treaties, disappearing them in foreign gulags, illegally spying on U.S. citizens. Oh wait, that was Emperor Bush.

Anyway, Michael -- continue.

Emperor Obama obviously could not care less about helping the Latino population. When Democrats had control of both houses of Congress he did absolutely nothing for them.

Now he’s doing to Latinos what Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky allegedly did to the children of Pennsylvania — using and abusing them. With his short-sighted politicking, Emperor Obama has hurt the Latino cause in the long run.

Yes, not forcibly deporting the children of immigrants is totally the same thing as raping them.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the wake of the news Sandusky raped his adopted son, this Cult of Reagan barnacle seems particularly grotesque.


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