Open Thread

Another excellent offering from The Full Ginsburg. BTW I love the term "full Ginsburg," which means appearing on all five Sunday News programs on o

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Brad Blog: Open season on liberals continues. It was always more important to link the attacks to Islamic terrorists than look for the truth. Cons

Mike's Blog Roundup

CQ Homeland Security: Iraq intelligence horror stories shouldn't be old news Mercury Rising: Former US Attorney, Tom Heffelfinger, is reacting to

Is Regent Embarrassed - Or Is Bush?

About a week ago, Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick noted a tidbit that the rest of us missed: TV preacher Pat Robertson’s Regent University boasts

Goodling Gone

Monica Goodling is resigning... Monica Goodling, the counsel and White House liaison to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, says in a letter that she