Mike's Blog Round Up

CQPolitics: You don't forget that your mother sued your ex-wife--unless your mind is going. uggabugga: WaPo B.S. GOPnot4me: Nebraska rethugs follow

Mike's Blog Roundup

Informed Comment: Iraqi allies we've left behind: "The people on my list have been tortured, they've been raped, they've lost body limbs. There's one

Open Thread

"See Cashier for Details" (detail) from Mother Jones: "Photo Essay: American Happiness and the Need to Consume." Open Thread below...

Mid Day Open Thread

Tomorrow morning's New York Times Magazine pays tribute to those who passed away in 2007, including the blogosphere's own Steve Gilliard. UPDATE: J

In Alabama News....

Often I feel not so much like a resident of Alabama as an embedded journalist deep behind the enemy lines of wingnut wackiness. Remember this lovely m