What's Different About President Obama?

Gallup published their most recent approval ratings for President Obama today. Since they were up slightly, Gallup felt it was important to tell all of us how the President's approval ratings tracked with others'. If Obama's standing among

If There Isn't An Enthusiasm Gap, Just Make One Up

Over the past few months leading into these midterms there has been nothing but a nonstop litany from the mainstream media about how unenthused Democrats are, how the Tea Party is going to take over Congress, how Democrats are going to have to


As we've been witnessing, the democratic process is broken in America and movement conservatism has corrupted our ability to govern. In any party ther

You're So Left Wing!

I recently had a political conversation with a few friends and family members, most of whom are Republicans, and it was nothing short of exasperatin

A Question For The Democratic Party

Kathy G discusses the Republican framing of Democratic candidates and asks: It leaves me with a question, though: why aren't Democrats doing more to

Open Thread

CNN's Jacki Schechner takes a look at the impact YouTube is having on politics and the campaign. (h/t Scarce)Sam Seder waxes poetic on the importa