Apri 12, 1973 - Struggling At Home - Struggling Abroad.

April 12, 1973 - U.S. protests PLO "Hate America" broadcasts. Fighting in Lebanon. Funeral for Four PLO guerrillas slain by Israeli Commandos. Dismantling of OEO declared illegal. Nixon consulting with Alexander Haig over worsening situation in Cambodia. Pentagon reports no more POW/MIA's likely alive in Southeast Asia. Two planes collide near San Francisco, killing 16.

March 18, 1971 - The Nixon Years

News of the day for March 18, 1971 - SST is killed in House, Nixon pledges to abolish Office of Economic Opportunity, Nixon proposes Revenue sharing with states, Nixon administration turns down federal funding for vaccinations for school aged children and disease rates spike as a result. Vietnam, Lt. Calley Trial. An otherwise normal day.