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This Is Your Brain After Listening To Too Many Right Wing Talking Points On The Debt Ceiling

I try to monitor C-SPAN's morning call-in show Washington Journal when I get a chance just to see what viewers of that network and the public are saying about the topics of the day and this one jumped out at me this morning as being from someone who's been watching too much Fox News or for that matter possibly a lot of the rest of our corporate media with the right wing talking points this woman rattled off when weighing in on this debt ceiling kabuki theater.

Paul Krugman: Let's Not Be Civil

Civility is dead. It was diagnosed as terminal on January 20, 2009, and by July 14, 2009 -- the day the House of Representatives reported out the first version of the Affordable Care Act -- it was dead, cold, and buried fifty feet under in a

Welcome To The "No Labels" Party

Now that they've been drummed out of their party by the purity police tea partiers, moderate Republicans are creating their own party, the "No Labels" party, hoping to bring some independents and disaffected Democrats with them. Good luck with