Stop It!

Stop It!

When I asked 90-year old Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery what he'd say to Netanyahu if he had the chance, he answered, vehemently, "Stop it!"
Update On The Occupy National Gathering: Video

Update On The Occupy National Gathering: Video

Activists from around the world will gather at the site of the ruined Kalamazoo river to share what they’ve learned over the last year. The video also gives a hint of the daily themes and illustrate what to expect over five days of “Peace, Love and Democracy.”

Open Thread: John Lennon's Glasses

On Wednesday, March 20th, the 44th anniversary of her marriage to John Lennon, Yoko Ono tweeted this powerful photo of her late husband’s blood-splattered glasses, the ones he wore the night he was murdered.

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Editor's note: is one of the best investigative journalism sites we have, and here's a roundup of this week's big stories: Et Tu, Karzai? Afghanistan Violates US Iran Sanctions by Nick Schwellenbach on Jan 30, 2013 What happens

Santa Arrested For Chalking At Austin Capitol

Oh, the horror! Santa Claus and one of his elves were spotted running from state troopers near the Austin capitol over the weekend by members of Occupy Austin who caught it all on video. As a tearful Santa questions his arrest for

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It) from Yoko Ono on Vimeo. This video, and the following message were posted to the internet by Yoko Ono on December 8, 2007: I miss you, John. 27 years later, I still wish I could turn back the clock to the