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Editor's note: is one of the best investigative journalism sites we have, and here's a roundup of this week's big stories:

Et Tu, Karzai? Afghanistan Violates US Iran Sanctions
by Nick Schwellenbach on Jan 30, 2013
What happens when your pliable client state, desperate for economic rejuvenation, loses access to one of its biggest regional oil suppliers whom you vehemently dislike? Welcome to the current position of the U.S. government.

Can a Small Community Throw a Monkey Wrench into the Global Fracking Machine?

by Karen Charman on Jan 29, 2013
As featured on, we report on hopeful developments in the fight of local democracy against transnational resource exploitation interests in upstate New York. So what's the best way of defeating entrenched, powerful interests like the oil and natural gas industries? Turn the power of the state against them, one township at a time.

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Explainer: Fiscal Cliff's Secret Gifts To Corporations
by Russ Baker on Jan 27, 2013
The fiscal crisis offers ample opportunities for finger-pointing. Let's be sure we're not using it simply to advance an agenda, and try to keep our eye on who (almost) always gets their way.

From The Algerian Terror To Al Qaeda Meets Mali: West's Hidden Agenda And One Big Mess
By Victor Kotsev on Jan 25, 2013
Trying to understand the story of the Algerian hostage crisis? French (and soon US) intervention in neighboring Mali creeping onto your radar? A trip through some baffling landscape reveals some familiar landmarks.

RERUN: To Finagle Chuck Hagel?

by Christian Stork on Jan 7, 2013
With his enemies and supporters gearing up for one hell of a fight, Chuck Hagel's confirmation hearing set for Thursday, January 31 will provide for some interesting exposes into what exactly Washington's powerful consider to be acceptable ideas. Here's a gem from the archives laying out what's at stake in the confirmation-both for the man and the country.


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