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Editor's note: is one of the best investigative journalism sites we have, and here's a roundup of this week's big stories: Et Tu, Karzai? Afghanistan Violates US Iran Sanctions by Nick Schwellenbach on Jan 30, 2013 What happens

Lunatic Fringe

Atrios As our descent into homocidial lunatic-land continues, Bill Bennett, Assrocket, and Hugh Hewitt got to cheerlead the prosecution of the media

"Crashing The Gate" Review

I'm no book reviewer, but "Crashing the Gate," is a must read that incorporates Jerome and Markos' ideas of making Democrats winners at the polls agai

45% Believe Bush Should Be Censured

In a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. poll 45% say he should be censured and 53% think he shouldn't. The gap has closed and now Russ Feingold looks

Pelosi On Kos

Nancy has a post up on Daily Kos. Why don't we go over and ask her why she came out against Russ Feingold over his censure proposal since she's not ev

GOP's New 'Censure Or Else' Ad

They are actually elevating Russ Feingold's status instead of down playing it. [media id=14829]-WMP [media id=14830]-QT (David Edwards for the vid)