GOP's Attack Ad On Feingold

If anyone thinks the Republicans aren't afraid of Russ Feingold, just go over to and listen in to their newest attack ad. They are using of c

Evan Bayh

...Before he spoke, Bayh told reporters that he does not support efforts by Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., another potential 2008 presidential candidate,

Feingold With Soledad

Russ appeared on CNN this morning and had a little chat with Soledad O'Brien about his censure proposal. [media id=14971]-WMP [media id=14972]-QT (

Action Steps For Feingold

Just google your senator's name and you'll find the information. ReddHedd: "Your action steps: call both your Senators first thing in the morning a

Bill Maher And Russ Feingold

On the premiere episode of "Real Time," with Bill Maher, Russ Feingold was his first guest. [media id=14704]-WMP [media id=14705]-QT (still loading

Senate Blocks Patriot Act

"In a crucial vote Friday morning as Congress raced toward adjournment, the bill's Senate supporters were not able to garner the 60 votes necessary to

Russ Feingold Proposes Withdrawl from Iraq Ezra Klein has the scoop... It looks like the first Democrat has stepped up into the fray.