Porter Goss

CIA Shakeup

CIA ShakeupDavid Kaplan and Kevin Whitelaw have more pieces of the puzzle, and provide some intriguing insights about the odd departure of super-spy S

Spy VS Spy

Video Clip O' HumorJon Stewart on Porter Goss and the CIA Video

Another Crooked TV Ad From The GOP!

Factcheck.org exposes another distortion. Would Kerry Throw Us To The Wolves? A misleading Bush ad criticizes Kerry for proposing to cut intelligence

Is This A Crook That Was A Crook?

Senior CIA Appointee Withdraws Over Shoplifting By Tabassum Zakaria WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The man named by the new CIA director for the third-highe


Our friend Porter Goss, doing his best to put to rest widespread fears that he’s too much of a partisan hack to be a good choice for director of