Powerline Divorced From Reality

Powerline Divorced from Reality (I was watching "Reliable Sources," today and Scott Johnson called Joesph Wilson a liar without bothering to mention

Jill Carroll Update

CBS Evening News with Lara Logan featured Jill's release last night. TMV reports: "Christian Science Monitor correspondent Jill Carroll's release did

Hilarious: Pajamaline

First of all Power Line is not part of Pajamas Media as far as I know. (I believe they are part of the Blog News Service of PM) Durbin reacts to Mire

The Powerline's Soft Bigotry

The folks at Powerline write: "It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he c


So that's what the kids are calling "retirement" these days Powerline really is the gift that keeps on giving. Today the Rocketman defend one his fav


Lawyers, Guns and Money I'm not the sort that reads Powerline with any regularity, but this caught my attention: It's great to see someone stand