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The Jimmy Carter Op-Ed piece at The Onion is satire. It is full of obscenities. It is not safe for work, and most of all it does not reflect in the l

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Bushism of the Day The truth of that matter is, if you listen carefully, Saddam would still be in power if he were the president of the United States

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You know, every once in a while you should bring the flag out and say, "What does our country stand for?" The first thing that I think of i

Pelosi On Bush And Gas

Nancy: "If you want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and therefore improve our national security situation, you can't do it if you're a Republ

Dixie Chicks New Song

"Not Ready to Make Nice." Give a listen, it's a great tune. I know the talking heads have been focusing on them as if their career is over. UPDATE: A