Jailbreak: U.S. Paid $11M For Prison With Cracked Walls In Afghanistan
Cracks in the wall of a building at Baghlan Prison. A U.S. watchdog blames poor oversight and corruption for the shoddy construction. Image from: Special Inspector General for Afghanistan

Jailbreak: U.S. Paid $11M For Prison With Cracked Walls In Afghanistan

The U.S. watchdog in charge of overseeing the billions of dollars the U.S. is spending to rebuild Afghanistan finds an $11 million prison with broken walls, a missing fence and a trail of graft.

Thom Hartmann: Why People Riot

Thom Hartmann explains the simple reason why citizens in Libya and Egypt are rioting - people don't riot when times are good, they only riot when they're pushed. Wednesday evening's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses day three of the

The War On Drugs: Up In Smoke

Towards the beginning of the cult classic "Dazed & Confused," a high school senior named Slater, inquires of baby-faced freshman Mitch, "Are you cool?" What Slater was really asking—in this ode to 1970s youth and the counterculture—was, "Do you

#F20 National Occupy Day Of Action In Support Of Prisoners

Monday, Feb. 20th, is the National Occupy Day of Action In Support of Prisoners. For information on events in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Durham, Eureka, Fresno, Indio, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, SF Bay Area, and Washington, DC...