Kerry Sympathizes With Anti-War Protester

Kerry Sympathizes With Anti-War Protester

As Secretary of State John Kerry was finishing his opening remarks at today's first Senate Foreign Relations Committee on military action in Syria, the proceedings were interrupted by the inevitable presence of Code Pink.

Protester Interrupts Kerry Confirmation Hearing

I don't think Senator John Kerry's expert diplomacy skills were ever in question, but if anyone did have any doubts, they were certainly laid to rest after his response to a protester during his confirmation hearing earlier Thursday.

Climate Change Protester Interrupts Romney Campaign Event

As Mitt Romney spoke at a campaign rally in Virginia on Thursday, a protester began shouting, “What about climate? That's what caused this monster storm!” The protester, holding a sign that said “END CLIMATE SILENCE,” was escorted

Livestream: Occupy's Night 4 Sleeping On Wall Street

Video streaming by Ustream Livestream of Occupy Wall Street's protestors sleeping on the sidewalks around the nearby New York Stock Exchange on Thursday night. They say they are back in full force to draw attention to income

Wall Street Bull Occupied, Briefly

Somehow... *cough*... the barricades around the Wall Street bull came down last night during the Million Hoodie March in New York City. The bull was quickly Occupied. It was a fleeting moment, however, as the NYPD wasn't far behind. The