Pulitzer-Winning Reporting Duo Don Barlett And James Steele On 'The Betrayal Of The American Dream'

The famed award-winning investigative reporting team of Donald Barlett and James Steele have just published a new book, "The Betrayal of the American Dream," a followup to their landmark bestseller, "America: What Went Wrong?" As Republicans and Democrats continue disputing who should bear the brunt of the tax burden, Barlett and Steele argue that America’s middle class has been decimated over the years due to policies governing not only taxes but also bank regulations, trade deficits and pension funds.

Winter Soldiers

"Winter Soldiers" is an inside look at a peace protest held in front of the White House on December 16, 2010. Led by Veterans For Peace, 135 people stood in swirling snow and blistering cold to bring an end to the occupation of Afghanistan. They

Mike's Blog Roundup

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UCLA Yakuza Transplants

I love Asian Yakuza movies. Heck, I love a lot of the J-horror flicks too, but I never thought I'd see this in real life. Hello, DHS---where the hell

Hillary Clinton Says No To Torture

Hillary: How would General Washington treat these men? The British had already committed atrocities against Americans, including torture. As David