Meet The Real Death Panelists

Meet The Real Death Panelists

"Death panels" are back. But the truth is that there are no death panels, only death panelists. And as it turns out, the people who would deny health insurance to millions, drop coverage when policyholders get sick, support annual and lifetime benefits caps, force Americans to pay higher premiums and actually ration Medicare find their home in the Republican Party.

10 Things Paul Ryan Doesn't Want You To Know

There's a saying that the only second chance you get in life is the chance to make the same mistake twice. As he prepares to debate Joe Biden, Paul Ryan will almost certainly confirm that adage. After all, following his first big moment in

$5 Gas, Rationing, Closed Pumps Lead CA Gov. To Intervene

Ouch, talk about pain at the pump! The average price of gasoline in California rose to $4.65 on Sunday, which is 84 cents higher than the national average. Gas prices in the state have been on the rise all week and jumped almost 20 cents to

February 1, 1975 - $1 Billion A Day.

News of this day included the loud gasp heard over the size of the new budget President Ford was handing Congress. The Recession dragged on. Calls for belt tightening. Supplemental Aid to Southeast Asia was voted down - between the 55,000 lives lost and the billions already spent, enough was enough. Aid to Turkey was on hold pending outcome of the latest Cyprus situation. And the U.S. had the dubious distinction of the 2nd highest trade deficit of the century. Not a day to celebrate.

Wyden Snatches Defeat From Jaws Of Victory On Medicare

Earlier this year, 235 GOP House members and 40 Republican Senators voted for the Paul Ryan budget and its plan to ration Medicare. By ending the traditional government insurance program and leaving the elderly with under-funded vouchers to

Paul Ryan Wins Politico's Health Care Policymaker Of The Year

He called for rationing Medicare, replacing it with an underfunded voucher system that would dramatically shift costs to elderly Americans. He proposed repealing the Affordable Care Act, slashing Medicaid by $1.4 trillion over the next decade

June 17, 1942 - Bombers, Rommel And Rubber.

News of the day for June 17, 1942 - News reports from all the war fronts, with most news not that good. Australia downright grim over the prospects of getting out of the war in one piece. Rubber Drives going in full swing with millions of tons of used rubber showing up everywhere, but especially in Utah. FDR calls for total physical fitness for America and calls for closing red-light districts around army bases. That wasn't the physical fitness he had in mind.