Expected Low Turnout In Iowa?

We are one week from the Iowa caucuses and things don't look good for the GOP: If I were running the Iowa Republican Party, I would be seeking to vastly increase the turnout at the Jan. 3 caucuses. After all, those who turn out can be recruited

Romney, Newt And Mandates Sitting In A Tree

Newt has constantly denied that he once supported Mitt Romney's health insurance mandate in Massachusetts, but the wayback machine has something else to say about that. Here's a letter written by Newt in April of 2006: The most exciting

Holiday Classic: We Are Not Scrooges

This is my column from Dec. 21 2010. Never thought it'd be evergreen - but here we are. Note I updated the figures on poverty and unemployment to make it current. Ever been stuck in holiday traffic fighting to be stuck in a holiday cashier’s

Fox LA Reporter Hits New Low In #OccupyLA Coverage

This is Fox 11's Gigi Graciette. Gigi doesn't cover Dodger games or the Rose Parade by mentioning the debris discarded by attendees, but apparently that's how she covers a international protest's local chapter: they have trash left behind after

Your Local Broadcast News Is Making Us Stupid

“The media,” as it’s referred to, is not a monolith. We don’t just have one channel, one paper or one site with one nefarious dude pulling levers. “The media” consists of books, newspapers, magazines, television, billboards, radio,

LA's Unpopular Mayor Is Trying To Evict #OccupyLA

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ran virtually unopposed for his second term and still only got 55 percent of the vote. Between a sex scandal involving a member of the press - to wide reports of his all around hesitancy to do actual work - he's not

There's A Photo Of Herman Cain Being Inappropriate

I saw this picture a couple of days ago and I wasn't going to write about it. I don't think Herman Cain is going to get the nomination. He's not going to ever have any real elected power. He's just a local radio talk show host Americans for