Rodney King

April 30, 1992 - With No End In Sight.

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The Week That Was - First Week Of March 1992

The week that was - first week of March 1992 - the Presidential Primaries, the economy, the scandals, the kickoff to the Rodney King trial, the unemployment at 7.2%, and surgical castration in Texas. Some week.

March 7, 1991 - Desert Storm And A Police Beating

News of the day for March 7, 1991 - troops from Operation Desert Storm begin to come home, President Bush delivers address the night before, Iraq putting down domestic uprising and video tape of police beating of Rodney King causing controversy in L.A. and Police Department.

Los Angeles - May 1, 1992

(By Day 3 things were starting to calm down a bit) By May 1st of 1992, Los Angeles had been witness to one of the more devasating riots in recent m