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Conservative Gets Slammed For 'All Liberals' On-Air Smear

Conservative Gets Slammed For 'All Liberals' On-Air Smear

Penny Nance of "Concerned Women of America" tries to sneak in a verbal sucker punch against "all liberals" before answering a question about Putin, but Ryan Lizza makes it about her rudeness and won't let her proceed. More like this, please.

Soledad O'Brien Takes On GOP OpSec Operative Scott Taylor

If CNN is planning their comeback by letting people like Soledad O'Brien have their way with interviews, they're on the right track. While there's a long road ahead, O'Brien is one of the bright spots in an otherwise dismal array of right wing

Jared Bernstein: Paul Ryan's Budget Numbers Don't Add Up

Economist Jared Bernstein beautifully eviscerates the intellectual foundation (or lack thereof) for Paul Ryan's economic policies -- which is really not difficult, even for bloggers. The problem? The members of the media who are still too damn