David Koch: Chris Christie Is 'My Kind Of Guy'

Following up on their exclusive story about Charles Koch reportedly comparing to President Barack Obama to Saddam Hussein, The BRAD BLOG and Mother Jones released audio Wednesday of David Koch praising New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R). "It is a

Ahh.. The Sweet McCain Hypocrisy

The McCain campaign is making a big deal in the last few weeks of the campaign about associations but it's worth noting that the man planning John McC

Mike's Blog Roundup

DownWithTyranny!: McCain's latest stunt backfires...badly. Some observers believe the real motive for the Psychogeezer's latest gimmick is to keep Sar

60 Minutes: "Bombing Afghanistan"

[media id=3016] [media id=3017] (h/t Bill for videos) CBS: After six years, the liberation of Afghanistan has become a triumph without victory. The

GWB: Saddam Killed Mandelas

The danger of having "intellectually incurious" people in charge of foreign policy... [media id=2521] [media id=2522] When asked by a reporter how