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RIP Howard Zinn, 1922 - 2010 I can't think of a more perfect tribute to this giant of the progressive community than this interview with Wajahat Al

Mike's Blog Roundup

All Spin Zone: America, 2008. Just like any other authoritarian regime. Foolocracy: C&L contributor, Blue Gal, tipped me to this along with the o

Mike's Blog Round Up

Angry Bear: Reliable GOP shill, Joe diGenova for the defense... Balkinization: John Yoo appears to confirm CIA waterboarding Brilliant at Breakfast

John Yoo's: Torture On A Half Shell

This story has been around for a little while now, but I had to play the audio clip of this exchange. As Arthur states very clearly in his excellent

David Gibbs: God's Own Circus

Anyone who thought the end to the Schiavo case would actually be the end to the Schiavo case are sadly mistaken. What would stop a Circus Clown like G

Mike's Thoughts About The Papacy

The post about Cardinal Law got me riled up. Here're some thoughts The corruption of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has been complete since the