February 1, 1975 - $1 Billion A Day.

News of this day included the loud gasp heard over the size of the new budget President Ford was handing Congress. The Recession dragged on. Calls for belt tightening. Supplemental Aid to Southeast Asia was voted down - between the 55,000 lives lost and the billions already spent, enough was enough. Aid to Turkey was on hold pending outcome of the latest Cyprus situation. And the U.S. had the dubious distinction of the 2nd highest trade deficit of the century. Not a day to celebrate.

Grumpy McCain Complains About Obama Going Christmas Shopping

Why does Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) hate Christmas? The Arizona senator slammed President Barack Obama on Thursday for buying Christmas gifts for his daughters instead of meeting with the House Republicans who are refusing to pass a payroll tax cut

Senator John McCain's Born Identity

What does he want? Revenge. For what? Being born. This is the way famous gunslinger Doc Holliday answers equally famous lawman and good friend Wyatt Earp’s inquiry - in their depiction in the movie Tombstone - into why their sworn

Great New Scott McAdams Ad (AKSen)

This is a terrific, upbeat, positive ad for Democrat Scott McAdams, who is a far better choice for Alaska Senator than Joe Miller. It introduces him, gives some background, and portrays him as a "regular guy." Spread the word.