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December 29, 1998 - Hostages, Khmer Rouge And Blood For South Africa.

News of the day, this day in history for December 29, 1998 - Senior figures in the former Khmer Rouge defect and offer apologies for mass killings. Malaysian Deputy Minister Anwar Ibrahim sex scandal trial. Breaking news of hostage drama in Yemen with 16 British and American tourists. Escalating traffic deaths in South Africa result in call for blood. Bank scandal in Russia. Child Prostitution on rise in UK. North Cyprus threatens to break ties and align with Turkey.

UPDATED: Sex, Lies, And Craigslist?

What is it with sex and Republicans? While they're on the House floor trying to rob women of their gynecologists, reproductive privacy, and control of their own bodies, they're out trolling on Craigslist? Gawker's exclusive on Rep. Christopher

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Mike's Blog Roundup

Consortiumblog: Israel attacked a NATO member's ship, but they've done that before his vorpal sword: Palmetto Statehouse Porn Progressive

The Daily Show: 2 Girls 1 GOP

From the March 30th edition of The Daily Show: Jason Jones, Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver discuss faux lesbian bondage-themed strip clubs while sitti