Open Thread...Palin For President??

h/t to my friends at The Political Carnival with their cartoon of the day. So what do you think about Sister Sarah ever attempting to take a serious

David Shuster Was Right! UPDATED

Shuster asked the right question of Rep. Blackburn and predictably the attacks followed. (Newsbusters) Whenever someone leaks info to right wing blog

Rove Worried: Fitzmas Coming?

Things aren't looking good in Camp Rove. David Shuster once again does a great job of putting the pieces together. [media id=15058]-WMP [media id=1

Domestic Spying-Hardball

David Shuster puts together one of his really good compilations-this one on Bush and Domestic Spying. [media id=14315]-WMP [media id=14316]-QT

Iraq And 9/11 Myths

Iraq and 9/11 myths On Hardball, David Shuster issued a report about the alleged link that the WHIG's spun between Iraq and 9/11. [media id=14219]-W

Tenet Denies Telling Cheney

David Shuster reported this morning on MSNBC that George J. Tenet said he didn't tell the Vice President or the VP's office about Wilson nor was he as