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Whiskey Fire: Postal workers who handle letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole say more letters ask for basics — coats, socks and shoes — rather than Barbie dolls, video games and computers. But on Wall Street it's gonna be a very merry,

Don't Piss Off Your Banker

DefenseNews (subscription required) notes this week that the draft Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) had some language about China that some governme

Mike's Blog Roundup

Swing State Project: Well, it didn't take Doug Hoffman long to start bringing the crazy... My Left Nutmeg: Dodd pursues sweeping financial regulatory

Cleaning The Stables At State

So far, Obama has only nominated one ambassador - career professional Susan Rice as ambassador to the UN. Here she is in September talking about Oba

Mike's Blog Roundup

Informed Comment: The annual State Dept. report on terrorism wil cite a nearly 30% rise in terrorism over the previous year Operation Eagle Eye: All t

Mike's Blog Round Up

Down With Tyranny! The State Dept. is critically short of people with adequate langauage skills to deal with the rest of the world. Amer

Editor's Notes & Rants: Democrats who voted with the RepubliCons Wednesday to destroy the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by allowing oil exploitation: Akaka