Jon Stewart Slams Fox For Their Attacks On Labor Unions

From this Tuesday's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart let Fox's Charles Payne have it for his defense of Wal-Mart and their role in the fire at the Bangladesh garment factory, along with his attacks on labor unions in the United States. He also let Fox

A Look At The Labor Movement

What was life was like before unions? Men, women and children worked in sweatshops. They worked long hours each day, and in harmful or unsafe conditions. The video highlights how certain tragedies led to the need for unions. Sadly, there are

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Newsie8200's Penndit: Media News Monday...Media getting punk'd Attytood: New Bush leak scandal: creating a bogeyman in Iraq...P

ABC News Investigates Delay

ABC has put up the transcript. Some of the more interesting quotes: The DeLay trip to the South Pacific island, originally reported by a "20/20" inve

Santorum's Sweatshop Expansion Bill

via Labor Blog This is as low as it goes, as the GOP fights to expand Labor Blog sub-minimum wage sweatshops across the country. Pennsylvania's Rick