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The opening to the movie version of Hitchhiker's Guide, not as good as the BBC version, imo, but then this movie version had a bigger budget. It tur

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Left Coaster: The days of BUSHCO dictating to the Iraqis are over. Halfway There: Why polling is volatile even if voter's aren't Beggars Can Be

Mike's Blog Roundup

Hoffmania! John McCain vs POWs - Cindy and Swift Boater win big. Open Left: FISA cave-in imminent The Big Picture: Foreclosures up 48% in May alicu

Mike's Blog Round Up

Guest blogged by Mark Hoback of The Aristocrats. Roy Edroso takes a look at George Packers piece on 'The Fall of Conservatism' and says hold on there

Countdown: Torturers Like Us

[media id=3953] [media id=3954] (h/t Heather) Keith Olbermann speaks with retired Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift (whose successful representation of the H

Mike's Blog Round Up

Greetings and salutations, sirens and scalawags. Melissa McEwan, Professional Not-Phyllis Schlafly at your service once again, coming to you live from

Feel Like Hurling A Typewriter?

This op-ed appeared last week in a small newspaper and got a pretty big response. I suspect that the author's feelings are all too common right now an