Foreclosed Homeowners Arrested At DoJ While Demanding Banker Prosecution

Five years after the greed and recklessness of Wall Street criminals crashed the economy, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is finally making some arrests. But it’s not Wall Street bankers sitting in jail. No, it’s 27 struggling homeowners and foreclosure victims who went to D.C. to demand the end of Too Big to Jail.

Cops Taser Blind Man, Mistake Cane For Samurai Sword

A police officer is facing an investigation for tasering a 61-year-old blind stroke victim after he mistook his stick for a samurai sword. Colin Farmer was on his way to meet friends for a drink in his hometown of Chorley, Lancashire,

Police Taser, Arrest Deaf Crime Victim

A deaf woman from Tacoma, Washington called 911 seeking help from police because she was being attacked inside her own home, but when she ran out to meet police officers, they fired a stun gun at her and took her into custody. After being