The New GOP: The Party Of Ted Nugent

The recent war over the federal budget and debt ceiling were simply the latest in a long line of skirmishes where Democrats - the self-described practitioners of "good faith" and seekers of compromise - found themselves in a pitched policy

Open Thread

MSNBC: "Robot warriors will get a guide to ethics: When and what to fire will be part of hardware and software 'package'" Hey, if machines can lea

Mike's Blog Roundup

Happy Valley News Hour: Dick Cheney sends the Terminator back in time to eliminate Joe Wilson's mother. TBogg: Since Megan McArdle can't seem to wrap

Mike's Blog Round Up

Igor: Gearing up for the November elections, Fox News has quietly morphed their corporate color scheme, replacing nearly all of the red with blue. Mea

C&L's Top Sci-Fi Movies

I made a quick list of some of my favorites in no particular order. Whenever I try to think up a list-I always forget some great ones. (More lists to