Nominee Blocked, Obama Blasts GOP

A fiery President Barack Obama used his weekly address this morning to challenge Senate Republicans on their refusal to name a consumer watchdog to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

BP Plans To Get Rid Of Safety Watchdog

Another day, another reason not to trust BP to handle anything properly in the response to this disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. GRIFFIN: For 26 yea

Mike's Blog Roundup

Consortiumblog: Dirty linen gets Intel Chief fired Progressive Democrats of America: How Bush's DOJ killed a criminal probe into BP that threatened t

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Real News Network: When John McCain took the podium Monday on the first day of the national conference for the American Israel Public Affairs Comm

Mike's Blog Roundup

All Spin Zone: The economic outlook is so bleak, some economists are looking for a bunker to hide in. But what do economists know? Chimpy is is upbeat