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Joementum 2012

I know I shouldn't feed the ego that is Lieberman, but do you want to know how awesome Joe is, Mr. President? Read this from the Weekly Standard.

Reliable Sources

Max Blumenthal looks at the "reliable" sources that the Weekly Standard used to try to besmirch Scott Beauchamp: Matt Sanchez and Throbert McGee. And

Mike's Blog Round Up

Adventus: This is what the pursuit of power over our enemies has wrought: we aren't even arguing anymore about whether or not we should be torturing p

Imus Smacks Down Joe Lieberman

Imus Smacks down Joe Lieberman Don Imus had a long talk with Joe and pounded him with questions about his latest article in the WSJ. Joe parrots ever

Bill Kristol's War

Bill Kristol's War Of course, it helps to get an annual subsidy of about $3 million from Rupert Murdoch. Scott McConnell offers an intriguing and di