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Can You Fight Poverty With A Five-Star Hotel?

By Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Special to ProPublica This story was co-published with Foreign Policy. Accra is a city of choking red dust where almost no rain falls for three months at a time and clothes hung out on a line dry in 15

Obama Announces Surprising Pick For World Bank Slot

This is great news, and not just because it was widely rumored that Larry Summers had the job in the bag - we wouldn't want him doing to the rest of the world what he's done here. (Robert Kuttner: "For Larry Summers, Obama's nomination of Jim

Half Of The World's Richest 1 Percent Are Americans

According to calculations by World Bank economist Branko Milanovi, half of the world’s richest 1 percent of earners, about 29 million people, are Americans, Four million members of the world’s 1 percent are Germans, and “the rest are mainly scattered throughout Europe, Latin America and a few Asian countries.”

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