Kate O'Beirne

I'm In The Mood For Love

Why is Kate O'Beirne doing Meet the Press? The lineup was Kate O'Beirne of the National Review, PBS’s Judy Woodruff, and David Gregory

Pardon Me?

The NRO wankers want Scooter free so it's no surprise to hear Kate O'Beirne say that she thinks everyone that is guilty of a crime by a jury,

Kate O' Beirne's NRO Cruise

This is rich: Although everything wasn't shipshape on board, neither the chronic engine problems nor the election results dampened the spirits of

Kate: The Bribes: The Blogs

Kate: the Bribes: the Blogs ( I'm writing this quickly) While talking about Congressman being bribed on "Hardball" today, Kate O'Beirne tri

C&L Bill Maher Contest

I'm giving away four of Bill Maher's book entitled " New Rules" and nine autographed posters as well in a promotion for the new season of Bill's HBO