Mike's Blog Roundup

alicublog: Bush I parties with Sun Myung Moon, Bush II goes to Bob Jones University, John McCain seeks and accepts the endorsement of John Hagee, and

Open Thread

Tbogg finds more attacks on Gen. Sanchez from the wingnut coalition...

Mike's Blog Roundup

Good morning, fellow netizens. It's Alex from Martini Revolution, and once again I have the pleasure of narrating today's roundup. Reconciliation?? Ir

Loyalty Oaths?

Via Kos, it appears the Kansas Republican Party, deeply divided between moderates and far-right activists, is pushing party loyalty to the extreme. T

Wanker Of The Day

Stealing Duncan's term---I give you Eli Lake's take on Joe Klein: I bet at least half of the netleft are failed professors, over-educated literary th

The UnRieh World

Tbogg fills us in...Rod Dreher sure has ticked off a few of the Bush cultists.