Krisiten Breitweiser And Joe Biden

Krisiten Breitweiser and Joe Biden Biden and Kristen appeared on "Hardball," yesterday. Kristen pounded away at the fact that George Tenet


Criminals Michael Isikoff is a reporter I have had many problems with, but he did make some sense on Hardball yesterday. Will Bunch: "Say what y

Only On FOX

"Could 9/11 have been avoided if Moussaoui was tortured?" To his credit Oliver North, (who I have no love for) said torture doesn't work, but it's t

Rush Limbaugh: Worst Person

Olbermann's top spot went to Rush Limbaugh for lying. Anyone surprised? [media id=14612]-WMP [media id=14613]-QT Rush Limbaugh falsely claimed tha

GNM Files FOIA Re Moussaoui Case

Global News Matrix Global News Matrix, a non-partisan news source, has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the following government entit