Dark Money Poured Into New Mexico Senate Contest

By Kim Barker and Justin Elliott, ProPublica Dark money groups flooded Albuquerque's airwaves in August, aiming to sway a hotly contested U.S. Senate race by making more than half the political ad buys on top TV stations. That fact,

To Fry The Smallest Fish

Guardian Unlimited (h/t Gregory): A recent case suggests that the war on terror has been superseded by the war on embarrassment A man accused of blo

TIME Loves The Vampire

"William the Bloody" Kristol, (I have many names for him) is being hired by TIME magazine. The neocons have been totally discredited in the

Did Bush Blink?

This is an intersting take on the India/Nuclear arms agreement and one that should be discussed thoroughly. Froomkin: "In addition to all the predi

John Dean On The NSA Hearing

Mr. Dean joined Keith Olbermann yesterday to to talk about Alberto Gonzales' testimony during the NSA wiretap hearing. [media id=14782]-WMP [media

Shorter Evan Thomas

Dick Cheney just wanted the executive branch to have unlimited power. Forget about 1798 or 1861.