Mike's Blog Roundup

TomDispatch: Hold Onto Your Underwear. This is Not a National Emergency Jim Hightower: Health insurers more grotesquely greedy than Wall Street banke

Open Thread

You gotta love the Brits. On March 5th, comedians Bill Bailey, Kevin Eldon and Robin Ince donned oversize pants, emblazoned with the slogan “Fair

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Belgravia Dispatch: The neocon's gross amateurism, resulting in this, this, this, and this. Yet they celebrate the calamity with crude agitpro

 Bush Promises Probe...

...into Saddam underwear pictures. Will he call in the South Park Conservatives to lead the way? They obviously should be the first choice. After all

Am I Living In The Twilight Zone?

'Droopy drawers' bill seeks end to overexposure of underwear . By Christina Bellantoni THE WASHINGTON TIMES RICHMOND — Virginia lawmakers to