Angelina Jolie

Yes, I'll Dare Call It Treason

Once upon a time, in a land that now seems to have been populated by tooth fairies and unicorns, there was a political party that had a set of core beliefs to which they actually adhered. Among them was that actually balancing the budget, as

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Gee, what are the odds Dick Cheney will once again accuse the Obama administration of making the nation vulnerable to terrorist attack again this mo

Open Thread

Rep. Thelma Drake wants Angelina Jolie to come testify to Congress on Iraq. Nothing like calling in the experts to get to the bottom of things. Good

Alan Shore For Congress

Alan Shore for Congress Pamela:Boston Legal took on the Iraq War tonight… with a case about "a paralegal" who is suing the U.S. Government, to v