Summers: The Courage To Say Yes To Wall Street?

Summers: The Courage To Say Yes To Wall Street?

Larry Summers is the wrong guy for the wrong job at the wrong time. This pick is terrible politics and worse substance. Progressives and women’s groups will fight this tooth and nail, and any chance of the President looking like he is a fighter for the middle class on the economy will go up in smoke.

The Other Loser In 2012

It is so much better to win than to lose, and like all other Democrats I have spent a lot of happy hours since election day reading stories about all the right wing billionaires’ and Wall Street money that was wasted, and all the Republican

In Unity There Is Strength

News reports from a variety of places -- and my own personal report-backs from participants at yesterday’s progressive organization leaders meeting at the White House -- indicate that the President is signaling loudly that he will stand strong

A Stirring Populist Triumph

In the face of five years of the deepest economic troubles this nation has seen since the 1930s that put voters in a bad mood, and veritable floodgates of millionaire money unleashed by Citizens United (far, far surpassing anything in American

Bankers’ Holiday

The great battles of this turbulent era will keep going on for years to come. The ideologues who want no check whatsoever on the power of big business have declared war on the middle class, and want no one to get in their way. Governors like

Mike's Blog Roundup

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Mike's Blog Round Up

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