'The Most Powerful Psychopaths In The World'

This is your moment of clarity #189: There are many incredibly powerful psychopaths in our society. They're respected and loved and honored. You can spot them simply by looking at their bank accounts. Keep fighting, Lee

Capitalism And Class In America

Economist Richard Wolff explains the weaknesses of capitalism and the need for Americans to understand the system under which they live and work. There are many problems associated with capitalism (state capitalism): wage slavery,

Occupy Seattle: #S17 Silent Flash March

Via Occupy Seattle: When – Mon, September 17, 6pm – 10pm Where – Westlake 400 Pine (map) Occupy changed the conversation. It placed greed front and center in the public debate. In solidarity with #OWS and Occupy’s 1 year

Democratic National Committee Moves Its Money To Union-Run Bank

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced today in a press release that it has recently moved its primary banking relationship to Amalgamated Bank, America's Labor Bank. The DNC will use Amalgamated Bank's cash management services to handle its day-to-day banking needs.

Lee Camp: America Is Too Fat, Skinny, & Free

This is your Moment of Clarity #156: The United States has the most obese people in the world AND the most anorexic people. How did we end up with a society riddled with bizarre disparities?

Nuns On A Bus

Network Executive Director Sister Simone Campbell kicked off the nine-state “Nuns on the Bus” tour at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Des Moines, Iowa. She spoke on the pressing need for solidarity in our society and the harm the House