Bristol Palin's Wasilla Homecoming

It's very sad and all...I see two young lovers torn asunder. So, leaving aside the weepy and over-told tale of Bristol Palin and Levi Jo

Bioterror - Good For Business

One of the side effects of the Graham-Talent WMD Commission's bioterror screech is that people will latch onto the study as an excuse to propose the

A New Electric Car Coming?

I'm not holding my breath on this one. I truly believe that American companies are being typically short-sighted as ever. Considering there is a s

Open Thread

Who here thinks that this study was commissioned by a Bush appointee charged with ensuring science was compatible with Republican Family Values? Cook


You go Henry: The lawmaker poised to cause the Bush administration's biggest headaches when Democrats take control of Congress may just be a groc

Mike's Blog Round Up

d r i f t g l a s s: From A to Z in the G-Dub alphabet The Gaelic Starover: Apparently, the National Review believes that aversion among Catholics to