Oklahoma City bombing

June 15, 1995 - A Day Of Varying Priorities.

June 15, 1995 - the Battle of Sarajevo begins. Pres. Clinton leaves for G-7 Summit, where topics to be discussed are the situation in Bosnia as well as brewing trade war between U.S. and Japan. Senate set to vote on bill overhauling Telecommunications laws, deregulating Cable TV. Michael Jackson gives interview on eve of release of new album, answers Child Molestation questions and Anti-Semitic lyrics. Houston Rockets win NBA title over Orlando Magic.

September 2, 1995 - Hall Of Fame, Hall Of Shame, Smoke And Mirrors.

News of the day for September 2, 1995 - Government wants to move location of Oklahoma City Bombing trial. Congressman Mel Reynolds to resign in light of underage sex scandal. China gets earful from Women's Conference in Beijing. The Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame opens in Cleveland. Infinity pays $1.7 million in fines over Howard Stern. NATO taking a breather on bombing in Bosnia, despite continuing siege of Sarajevo and Greenpeace Protests French Nuclear testing in Pacific.

Mark Penn And Chris Matthews: The Banality Of Evil

Most of the time when we monitor shows, we do so with an eye to the hypocritical or outrageous. And usually, when it comes to me, I find myself rolling my eyes or making some snarky aside and moving on. But every once in a while, you come