Nuns On The Bus Visit The Overpass Light Brigade

The Nuns on the Bus (Catholic Sisters on a national tour, traveling the country to raise awareness of the devastating effects austerity legislation has on the working poor) came out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit the Overpass Light Brigade, who celebrated the occasion with a new message in honor of nuns' efforts.

Nuns On A Bus

Network Executive Director Sister Simone Campbell kicked off the nine-state “Nuns on the Bus” tour at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Des Moines, Iowa. She spoke on the pressing need for solidarity in our society and the harm the House

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Thomas Jefferson Movement: Against Texas "white-washing" of US History. D-Cap: How 'bout a station wagon full of nuns for SCOTUS? Southern Beale

Bart Stupak Hates Nuns

Man, there are plenty of people to diss in the world these days, but Stupak managed to diss nuns, of all people. Wow, nuns. Hasn't he been beating on