Senator Coburn: "Holder-in-Chief"

Y'all better watch out. Now that the 72-hour clock is ticking and Democratic representatives are falling in line behind health care reform, Tom Cobu

Open Thread

T. Coraghessan Boyle in The New Yorker: "The Lie"... The clock inched forward. Clover got dressed, put on her makeup, and took her coffee mug out to

Mike's Blog Round Up

I took pen in hand and, fully caffeinated, was all ready to write something profound and challenging, but I'd filled up the very last page in my Journ

Mean Jean

Marathon runners of America I ask your help to investigate this race! The photo shows Schmidt near the finish line at the marathon with a time clock

Final Four Open Thread

What a great tournament it's been so far. LSU scares me, but I'm rooting big time for UCLA. I never expected them to get out of the "sweet sixteen." T

Mike's Blog Round Up

spiiderweb: Pentagon investigates itself...finds itself innocent...again! Left In The Beltway: The latest episode of a podcast hosted by Oliver Willi

USC-31-ND 28

What a college football game. Matt Leinart sneaks it in for the winning TD from the one. I thought USC would throw a quick pass and if they didn't mak

Frist Is Losing The Christian Right

Hoffmania! Wow. Bill Frist is getting a lesson on what happens to a wingnut who decides to take just one independent stand on just one issue. The