Lanny Davis

Bill O'Reilly: The Arbiter Of What's Out Of Context

On his show this Wednesday night, Bill O'Reilly once again showed just how hypocritical Fox News is with this bit where he was complaining about MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell taking Mitt Romney out of context and carrying on about how terrible it was that

American Politicos Sell Clout To Scuzzy Dictators

Rachel Maddow takes Mark Penn, Lanny Davis, Bob Barr and Rudy Giuliani to task for being willing to sell their domestic political clout in order to line their pockets doing PR work for some, as she calls it, "Scuzzy Dictators". First up, we have

When Will Lanny Davis Go Home?

[media id=11605] Is there a bigger fool than Lanny Davis? When will this DLC Democrat stop saying on Fox News that he's a liberal, pack his bags and