When Will Lanny Davis Go Home?

Is there a bigger fool than Lanny Davis? When will this DLC Democrat stop saying on Fox News that he's a liberal, pack his bags and move on already? He's typical of the kind of Democrat who has no backbone and would rather cry to O'Reilly about health care than to continue to fight for it.

Davis: This is a No Spin Zone fact that we lost in Massachusetts's because we lost the debate on health care...blah, blah, blah...

My God, he has no self respect. He uses BillO's own terminology to validate Bill and his own opinions. You know Lanny, it is personal with pols like yourself. You're more interested in being a pundit with face time than anything else. MA's loss doesn't mean America is against health-care reform. The new DFA poll in MA said they were mad that there was no public option and that it didn't go far enough.

We had Research 2000 poll voters immediately after the Election ended: Even Scott Brown voters want Democrats to be bolder and they want healthcare reform that includes a public option.

You read that right. By a margin of three-to-two, former Obama voters who voted for Republican Scott Brown yesterday said the Senate healthcare bill "doesn't go far enough." Six-to-one Obama voters who stayed home agreed. And to top it off, 80% of all voters still want the choice of a public option in the bill.

Lanny, why don't you use your face time and blast your BFF Joe Lieberman, who helped destroy the Senate health care bill -- which is the bill that America hates -- instead of whining about the pure-hard-left. People like yourself will always keep progressives from victories.


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