Mission Accomplished

Iraq: Just The Tip Of The Spear

Iraq: Just The Tip Of The Spear

The U.S. is back in Iraq—but it’s only airstrikes, according to President Obama. That’s the casual sex of warfare, after a long marriage to Iraq and the messy, costly divorce. Here’s a little reminder of what to watch out for on all-too-familiar territory.

Castellanos Compares Clinton's Benghazi Testimony To Bush's 'Mission Accomplished'

One of these things is not like the other, but this is what's passing for political debate on CNN this weekend. Republican strategist and dirty trickster Alex Castellanos did his best to help the network continue on their path to becoming Fox-lite with this false equivalency on the drummed up Benghazi "scandal" they're all having the feeding frenzy over this week.

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