Giant Cloud Of Koch Brothers' Pet Koch Blowing Into Canada

Giant Cloud Of Koch Brothers' Pet Koch Blowing Into Canada

Those massive piles of petcoke that have been stored on the banks of the Detroit River have created yet another concern in the form of thick black clouds of petcoke dust stirred by a recent storm, and floating across the way into Windsor, Canada.

Martin Bashir Knocks Ryan For Lying About His Marathon Time

I can only imagine how much attention this story would be getting if it was a Democrat telling this easily disprovable lie, but given all of the other lies Ryan has been telling, it seems not only to be a pattern that Paul Ryan will lie about just

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Lesley Gore--It's My Party This week should have been our party. A decades-long fight to bring America to the notion that health care should be a r

RBC Meeting Over...

NY Times: After a nearly 10-hour marathon meeting of the Democratic party’s rules committee, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton came away with a total

Open Thread

What are you watching? I finished my Buffy and Angel marathon and now I'm starting on "Sports Night"

Mean Jean

Marathon runners of America I ask your help to investigate this race! The photo shows Schmidt near the finish line at the marathon with a time clock