Jonathan Alter Catches Bill O'Reilly

Al Franken played a segment of an audio clip that features Jonathan Alter smacking down Bill O'Reilly- because Bill tried to deny that he pushed the F

Plan B

Plan B 60 Minutes, had an excellent report on the controversy surrounding the decision not to make Plan B an over the counter medication. [media i

Haloscan Fix It Guide

Bloggers, go into Beta features in Haloscan and in the middle of the column it says Spam filters. Just say "no" and your comments will come back up. H

Mark Williams Email About C&L

Here's the email where he says I'm promoting threats against his dog. It's as bad as his TV spots. "What better to symbolize both the plight of Iraqi

Gadget Madness

Heard about this site from some internet geeks and thought there may be a few Crooks and Liars readers who would like to know about Gadget madness. Th

Dobson And Perkins Caught On Tape

via LA Times: Taped at a private conference, the leaders outline ways to punish jurists they oppose Evangelical Christian leaders, who have been wo

More On Dobson

via Atrios Erect Purple Frog Radical Cleric SpongeDob Stickypants links to a children's website which prominently features an erect purple frog. T